12pcs Useful Laundry Washing Machine Cleaner Descaler Deep Multifunctional Supplies Deep Cleaning Dirt Descaler

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1 cleaning descaler is equivalent to 3 times of general cleaning agents.It is effective for cleaning the washing machine without any or any damage to the washing machine tank. It quickly dissolves in contact with water and releases the active oxygen factor to effectively clean the interlayer soap scale, scale, stains and sterilization. Odour musty smell, fresh smell after use,

Instructions for use:

It is recommended to use 6-8 cleaning descaler for the first use and 1-2 cleaning descaler for the subsequent use, and it is recommended to wash once a month

1. Fill the washing machine with water, put 6-8 cleaning descaler, and suspend the washing machine for 1-2 hours.

2. Start the normal laundry program of the washing machine and drain the sewage after dehydration.

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