Abalone Premier Grade 清汤鲍鱼 6 Pcs 425gm

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Braised abalone is a traditional Chinese cuisine in Guangdong Province, belonging to Cantonese cuisine. Known as "the crown of seafood," the abalone is soft and moist, delicious and thick, fresh but not greasy, mellow and rich, and nutrient-rich. Aside from its nutrition it is also delicious, a great dish to be served.


Product Name : Abalone Premier Grade 清汤鲍鱼

Expiry Date 罐头截止日期 20-06-2024

Country of Origin: China 原产国:中国

Easy Open Canned 易开罐式设计

Drained Weight 鲍鱼重量-80g

Net Weight 净重-425g

Ready to serve/Heat Up 可直接/加热食用

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