【Kampar Kam Ling 金宝·金陵】Kaya Puff (Kaya Kok)? 加央角 新鲜每天出炉 加央角 纯手工 脆皮加央角 伴手礼 本地土产 特产 Kampar Local Product

Title: 【Kampar Kam Ling 金宝·金陵】Kaya Puff (Kaya Kok) 加央角 新鲜每天出炉 加央角 纯手工 脆皮加央角 伴手礼 本地土产 特产 Kampar Local Product
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Freshly baked and ship out on the same day! (Except Public Holiday and Sunday)
Kampar Kam Ling Tradisional Kaya Puff 『NON- HALAL』
Nice kaya paste and crispy crust, recalling your sweet childhood memories!
Shelf life: 
Best consumed within 1 week from manufacturing date (same as the day we send out via courier at room temperature)
**Does not contain PRESERVATIVE**
Storage method:
Store under chill and keep it in an airtight container. Reheat 3 minutes at preheated oven of 150-180 degrees Celsius to get better taste.
Product:5 pcs (1 Pack)
***预购(1天)*** 加央角是运送当天烘烤出炉 (除了星期日 和公共假期)
金宝驰名 金陵大酒店 纯手工加央角 『非清真食品与非素食品』
建议生產日期 5 天內食用(與我們通過快遞發送的當天相同)
冷藏並保存在密閉容器中,可延长保质期 (长达1个星期++)
物品: 5片 (1包)
✨There is no 100% guarantee biscuits will arrive in perfect condition; as biscuits are fragile items
✨Please think twice before making the purchase, if you are unable to accept minor shatter/damage biscuits.
🧾 Invoice provided upon request
📞 Any Enquiry, kindly drop a call to us at 011-1076 5182. 

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