Original Oxwhite Men Supima Slim Fit Combo Pack (M Size Pink + S Size Blue)

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1 M Size Pink Shirt & 1 S Size Blue Shirt


1. Japan STAFLEX Tech. Collar Promotes long-standing collar, a confident look stats with a crisp collar.

2. Pucker-Free Seams Wrinkle-less and well sewn both sleeves and the body, no more baggy look.

3. Supima Cotton World's top 1% luxury cotton, promotes smoothness and breathability.

4. Reinforced 6x sewn button A button that sewn 6x more than usual makes it 16x stronger and durable.

5. Wrinkle-Resistant Wrinkle-resistant, or permanent press fabrics, are textiles that have been treated to resist external stress and hold their shape.

Details: Wrinkle-resistant doesn’t necessarily mean wrinkle-free; this type of clothing still needs to be ironed or pressed after being washed for a clean, professional appearance. The special treatment of the fabric helps keep your shirts looking sharper throughout the day than they otherwise would, were they not treated.

6. 2-in-1 Convertible Cuffs More versatile cuffs that perform perfectly as you needed.

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